VisualizeSocial focuses on companies with up to 25 employees because they need social media, but don't always have the budget to hire a full-time Brand Advocate. Working within a smaller organization also allows VisualizeSocial to understand how your company works, how your employees interact with each other and your clients.

What is a Brand Advocate?

VisualizeSocial, Social Media AdvocacyA Brand Advocate is someone who knows your company, and speaks on its behalf as a cohesive voice. As your Brand Advocate, VisualizeSocial will monitor your social media channels to share the latest news, adding online content (articles on your company blog, and posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+).

When your business is growing, adding new and interesting content to your website and promoting it online just isn't your top priority. More often than not, it is given to an employee as a "side project," and it falls to the wayside. This usually means your social media and blogging languish, forgotten.

VisualizeSocial is the perfect solution for businesses that are aware they need a kick-ass social media presence, but aren’t 100% sure of how to implement it.

What's the Solution?

It's simple: bring on a part-time Brand Advocate to be your voice online. Once familiar with your company, VisualizeSocial will begin to build your online presence by setting up your social profiles, starting conversations, and sharing on all your channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Your Brand Advocate becomes an integral part of your business.

What We Do

Social Media Brand Advocacy

Your company's online presence is key to its growth.

By keeping your blog, website, and social media channels updated regularly, you will build your "top-of-mind" status and increase traffic to your website, creating interest in your brand. Social media is an excellent way to keep in touch with your target audience.

Your VisualizeSocial social media partner will become an integral part of your team and get to know your business, and engage and build your audience by blogging, tweeting, and posting across your social channels. We will also provide helpful feedback and reporting to monitor the success of your chosen strategies.

Let's discuss your brand advocacy needs.

Content Creation

Your website helps you keep in direct contact with your customers or clients.

Regular content creation will also improve your SEO (search engine optimization), bring people to your site, starts conversation, helps you tell your story, and creates subject matter for your Twitter, Facebook, and other social accounts.

VisualizeSocial will:

  • Post original content for your website, on a pre-determined schedule
  • Share this content on your social sites

Let's discuss your content creation needs.

What We Don’t Do

VisualizeSocial specializes in the utilization of social media accounts, but we do not provide the following services:

  • Website SEO
  • Social media training
  • WordPress training
  • In-depth analytics

VisualizeSocial has contacts in Victoria's social media and web professional sectors, and we would be glad to refer you if further assistance is needed.

Let's Get Started!

We promise hiring VisualizeSocial is a painless process! Email or call us and we can schedule a quick meeting to discuss where you are at in your social media, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. We can meet at your office, or at the coffee shop down the street — whichever works best for you.